The electronic cigarettes offered at this well established and trusted website resemble a tobacco cigarette, but e-cigs are different in many good ways. In fact, there is a quiet revolution going on in the U.K. today with more and more longtime tobacco smokers switching to the easy puffing electronic cigarette because they believe it offers saver smoking pleasure. Also, an e cig is actually a personal vaporizer with a special nicotine delivery system that stimulates smoker’s desire to smoke; while also substituting tobacco smoking with a vapor that looks and acts like real smoke.

E cigs smoking spreading to the UK

There are modern looking electronic vaporizer smoking systems for every type of smoker. There are examples featured on this website that appeal to women smokers, and others that men seem to enjoy. In general, there is every type and size of e cigarettes smoking systems offered on this website with a full money back guarantee for top quality smoking pleasure that is reasonably priced.

While electronic cigs are cleverly designed to mimic the feeling of smoking a traditional e cigarette made from tobacco, the new modern appearance of these nicotine delivery systems seems to have caught up throughout the UK and overseas. In fact, there are numerous online testimonials that are linked to this site being one of the top sellers of electronic cigarette smoking kits in the UK.

Electronic smokes breaking the glass ceiling

Another aspect of e-cigs move to replace traditional tobacco smokes is linked to great money saving offers. For example, the purchase of an electronic cig smoking system saves massive amounts of money for regular tobacco cigarette smokers who spend hundreds of pounds each and every month on traditional packs or cartons of tobacco smokes. The electronic nicotine delivery system is designed to offer a great money saving alternative so smokers can not only save money on their habit, but they can also feel better about what they are smoking.

Moreover, there are known health benefits and some risks associated with electronic cigarette use over the traditional tobacco cigarette rolled in paper. In fact, the British Medical Association concurs with other health groups about new evidence that shows how e-cigs actually help with smoking cessation, while offering other health benefits due to the fact that e-cigs deliver fewer toxic smoking effects than tobacco smokes.

In turn, the electronic smoking systems include these handy products:

– Cartridge. The cartridge is designed to move the liquid nicotine into the atomizer; while the smoker enjoys the vapor that comes out of the atomizer into the smoker’s mouth for the natural looking puff of smoke.

– Atomizer. The atomizer heats the vaporizing nicotine liquid with a wee small heating element that works with a wicking material to help draw the nicotine into the smoking device.

– Cartomizer. This disposable component of the smoking system also doubles up as the smoking device cartridge that is used to control the buildup of sediment that is often common in traditional pipes that are used for smoking tobacco.

– Power supply. The power for this smoking system comes from a portable device that features a small rechargeable battery. While this power supply is the largest single part that smokers use to activate or trigger the act of smoking by simply drawing in a breath when using this handy device.

Overall, the real pleasure of eletronic cigarettes includes an atomizer, nicotine liquid, a cartridge and a power source to run the e-cig. Also, an smoking fan commented online about using one of the top products being offered because he wanted to quit smoking tobacco. The fan selected a streamlined model with replaceable parts because he enjoys having a device that he can simply dispose of after the nicotine liquid is depleted.