Reading The Reviews On E-Cigarettes

Smoking is dangerous. It can be harmful to not only you, but to everyone around you. It can cause serious long-term damage to your physical being, and in some cases stress in social relationships. If you don’t believe me, start smoking and find out for yourself – actually, no don’t; that’s a bad idea.

I am a smoker, or at least I was a few months ago. I had been a smoker for years and didn’t see the problem because all my friends were smokers; in fact, so were my parents. It was only when my relationship started to suffer because of this habit that I started looking into quitting. Usually I would brush the girl off, but this one was really special and I didn’t want it to end.

I heard about all sorts of aids that would help in quitting smoking, and I tried different ones; but nothing helped. Eventually, I landed up on e-cigarettes and e liquid via some website advertisement on Facebook. It was interesting that this little device that looked and, in some instances, tasted a little like a cigarette could actually lead to quitting. I mean, how?

I did some research and read some reviews into the battery-operated device. It seemed that some had different flavors like watermelon, so if you tried a normal cigarette you would hate the taste. So here I am, a few months later, enjoying my e-cigarettes. I’m doing my best and with willpower I should be cigarette-free soon.

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The Rising Popularity Of The E Cigarette

E cigarettes have become a popular commodity among people who smoke cigarettes, primarily as an alternative to the choking tobacco habit that many have formed over the decades. It is no secret how debilitating smoking tobacco can become, being proven by study after study to be a primary cause of cancer, heart attacks, COPD, and many other heart and circulatory diseases. The difficulty of quitting the smoking of cigarettes is mainly due to the addiction of nicotine, a natural substance found in tobacco. Nicotine itself is so poisonous, that if one drop of pure nicotine were to be placed upon your tongue, you would die very quickly.

With that kind of information, it is a wonder that anyone would smoke tobacco, but it persists still, largely due to the addictiveness of nicotine and the habits that a smoker acquires during the process. The ceremony of your own lighter beginning the process, the time of smoking, such as after meals, all add to the allure of the process. Now, that process can be continued, only with a lot less risk.

Even though nicotine can still be included in the e cigarette, that is not nearly as dangerous as inhaling actual cigarette smoke, which contains arsenic and cyanide. Even with a voluntary inclusion of nicotine in an ecigarette, the smoker is not inhaling the dangerous smoke of a regular cigarette.

The e cigarette is a hollow cylinder, consisting of a plastic or metal material, with a container of a propylene glycol fluid, a vaporizer, and a battery. When the e cig is switched on, the battery heats up an element, which vaporizes the liquid, simulating smoke. From there, the entire process continues as if the users were inhaling the smoke from a cigarette. There are many flavors that can be included in the device including chocolate, strawberry, mint, menthol, and eve actual nicotine in various strengths.

The e cigarette was originally marketed as a means of allowing smokers to get off of smoking tobacco by beginning with a load of nicotine that would be similar to a tobacco cigarette, and then gradually reducing the level of strength of nicotine, until presumably it is reduced down to zero, or at least a lower level. Users have reported varying degrees of success in this endeavor, with the balance leaning toward more of the positive than the negative.

There is no doubt that the e cigarette has been a successful substitute for tobacco cigarettes, and there is come correlation between a decrease of tobacco smokers and the increase of electronic cigarette users. The total sales of e cigarettes in 2011 hovered around 55,000 and by the end of 2012, sales were over 3.5 million. The prognosis of future sales are bright, as many smokers are beginning to see the e cigarettes as a viable alternative for tobacco, as the differences in health enhancement are obvious.

Whether or not this signals a huge downturn for tobacco product sales remains to be seen, but if the movement towards widespread usage of e cigarettes continues, it just might be possible that this could affect the sales of tobacco-based products in a very major way.

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